No more crossover

Crossover is over! No more observing lessons and (almost) falling asleep in a chair in the corner of a classroom. I wasn’t build to observe lessons, especially not after a busy week, with remnants of a jetlag and no rest. I’m here to teach not observe/sleep. I can’t wait to organize my new classroom the way I like it. The classroom is slightly smaller than the one in Inuyama, it doesn’t have a desk but it does have some actual daylight coming in through some cracks. After work we went to some Hokkaido izakaya in Senri Chuo for a last farewell dinner with the old teachers.

I hope the teacher I’m replacing (see picture) has taught me all the specifics I need to know, because the teacher I replaced in Inuyama didn’t and because of that I had some nasty surprises waiting for me in the first few weeks. But this time around I’m feeling very confident and ready for the job, and if I have any questions I can always call him as he’s going to teach at a branch school in Kobe next.

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