Kids training

So normally Monday is my day off, but not this week. Three of us trainees had to come back to honbu today to do kids training (the other two will be teaching at schools without kids). It was fun to see the Canadian and Welshman again to catch up a little about their apartments (which were clean on arrival so they enjoyed their day off much more than I did) and the Canadian’s welcome party (the Welshman had the same welcome party as I did, because we work at the same school). We had lunch at some fancy sushi place and it was delicious:

Back to training: it was a kind of unnecessary for me as the lesson structure for kids classes is exactly the same here in Kansai as it is in the Nagoya area. I’ve had a lot of experience teaching kids of all ages in Inuyama, so I know all the books, all the lesson structures and all the tricks of the trade. So I had a really easy day today. But it was fun to play kid when the others were trying out the lessons, and to see the others pretend to be little kids, especially the trainer! I’m happy the lessons are the same here because I’m real comfortable with these classes over the last year and it’ll make life as a kids teacher here a lot easier.

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