My weekend

Today it’s weekend! Only a 1-day-weekend this time because I have kids training tomorrow. People tell me to get some rest today because I have a 6-day work week ahead of me… but instead Yasu and I went to the supermarket to buy a whole bunch of cleaning products so I could get started on my dirty apartment. Yasu also helped me carry out most of the extra crap found in the closets to the trash dump place in front of my apartment.

I sent Yasu away to have some fun on his own and cleaned almost the whole day! But I’m not nearly finished. The living room/bed room/dining room (which is altogether not even 10 square meters) is spick and span but the rest…
After cleaning duty Yasu picked me up to go bike-shopping. This was my first ever to pick out a new bicycle for myself, even though I’ve had many bikes in my life, but most of them were hand-me-downs. So I was very excited, but the store was closing 20 minutes after we arrived so I had to make my decision quickly. I picked a black bike and a pink lock.

After dropping off the bike in Tsukamoto we went back to Amagasaki to pick up all the boxes and furniture I left there in May and brought them to Tsukamoto. I have a busy week ahead of me: 1 day of training, 5 days of work and who knows how many days of cleaning.

One thought on “My weekend

  1. Coole fiets poepie!!!!! En dat roze slot maakt het helemaal af… een roze fietsmand was eigenlijk ook wel je-van-het… heel veel fietsplezier toegewenst lieverd!!DVK XXXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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