After the manager and I dumped my stuff at my new apartment in Tsukamoto, we went back to the train station to buy a commuter pass for the JR train from Tsukamoto to Umeda (the center of Osaka: yay!). I immediately used my brand new ICOCA pass to go to Umeda so the manager could buy me one more commuter pass, this time for the subway to Senri Chuo from there. After the manager went back to work I decided to check on my boyfriend who also lives in the Osaka area, which is of course the reason for my transfer from the Nagoya area. Lucky me, he happened to be on his way to Umeda! I initially just wanted to meet him for a quick kiss and go back home to take a nap before the big welcome party in Senri Chuo tonight, but he quickly convinced me to come with him to meet some of his friends nearby.

So I ended up spending the afternoon drinking iced coffee with some of Yasu’s Japanese friends and his old English teacher Brad, who used to work at Yasu’s university. Brad brought along his wife Cynthia and his baby daughter Lucy. She was very active and running around and playing with everybody’s drinks. And it turns out Yasu has quite the knack to keep little kids quiet. Wonder how he’ll be when it’s our kid running around like a sugared-up maniac…

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