The welcome party

Tonight our school hosted a party at a restaurant near the branch school. It was a welcome party for the Welshman and me and a farewell party for the teachers we are replacing. The manager made up some crazy multiple choice quizzes about the old and new staff members. They were fun and some students ended up with diet food and special private lessons for prizes. A lot of students came to the party and although there was a lot of food and alcohol at the party it was also hard work.

Meeting lots of new people (teachers and students), making small talk at all kinds of English levels and still being exhausted from the jetlag, a wild weekend in Namba, a week of training and virtually no rest today. I didn’t have much time to eat anything and I drank hardly any alcohol (which is a big contrast with my Inuyama farewell party where I got totally wasted). So I was happy when the party was over so I could go home for some rest and some midnight ramen at a tiny restaurant in Tsukamoto with my boyfriend.

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