Maguro hitotsu onegaishimasu

After a busy weekend with training started again yesterday. It’s not bad so far, except of course trying to stay awake and focused when you’re still bothered by jet lag. The others are having a more stressful time than I am though, this being their first training ever for the job. For me it’s just studying the differences in teaching style between in Nagoya and Osaka and the rest is basic knowledge to me now. I don’t really need to do any reading, I mean I did scan the material for Monday, but I totally forgot to do the reading for today, but it really wasn’t necessary because everything is familiar to me. I feel a little bad for the others, but hey I went through it last year and that training was longer and without a nice 1.5 day break. Also the training here is more practical and less theoretical up until now, so it’s easier and more fun to sit through.

Today we also experienced a Japanese lesson in the same style that we’ll be teaching English at our schools, so we can experience what our students go through during class. Of course it was a lot of fun and we learned how to order sushi in Japanese! So after training we found ourselves a kaitenzushi place in Namba to try out our new language skills. Of course you don’t need to know any Japanese to eat at a sushi-go-round, you just pick food of the conveyor belt and eat. But if you want fresh sushi or practice your language skills you can just order by shouting what you want to somewhere above the belt. So I tried ‘sumimasen, maguro hitotsu onegaishimasu’ and sure enough a couple of minutes someone handed me a plate of fresh tuna sushi! Yes, succes!

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