Getting over jetlag… yeah right

After training, we hopped on a train ‘home’ to get changed and hopped back on that train to go to Namba, otherwise known as downtown Osaka. We walked around taking pictures with the many landmarks the area has to offer, especially with my favorite: Mr. Glico. Soon it was time for a well-deserved break with beers (coke for me as I detest the taste of beer) and some typical Osaka food: okonomiyaki and takoyaki. I never really liked these beloved (by basically everybody) Osakan treats, but having just moved to Osaka I wanted to give them another try… I still don’t like them.

In the center: Anna, Victoria, Lou, Enzo & Ben with Mr. Glico

Later we tried some more food at an izakaya, where we had to wait for about an hour to be seated exactly where we’d had requested not to be: the smokers’ arena. The food was pretty good, but the long wait and the stinky seats made us unhappy costumers. But Enzo cheered us all up with funny drinking games like ducky fuzz or fuzzy duck, and by saying obscene things in Dutch with a Swedish accent. After dinner we headed to Shidax (my favorite karaoke chain) for some nomihodai karaoke. Karaoke is a wonderful invention, especially when it’s combined with an all-you-can-drink alcoholic menu. After a way too short amount of time spent at Shidax we had to leave to catch that damned last train back to Daikokucho where our hotel is. But we weren’t done yet so we hit the local 100 yen shop to arm ourselves with more drinks, to continue the party in the guys’ suite on the 10th floor of the hotel. It was a fun night which lasted until the wee hours of this morning, this cannot be a constructive way to get over jetlag…

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