Hitting Starbucks

It’s no secret I love Starbucks, so does Gyano and my mom likes it too, Guido doesn’t really care where his caffeine comes from as long as it tastes decent. My country has been a Starbucks-free zone for way too long. When I was still working on my Master thesis in Maastricht, almost everyday I would take a bus to Germany to study at a Starbucks in Aachen. Of course it was useful that the 50-minute-bus-ride was free with my student pass. And on occasion, Gy, my mom and I would drive out to Germany to hang out at Starbucks, of course I was the one that made them come with me the first time, but after that they went very willingly. Anyway, Starbucks has finally started its business in my country too, but unfortunately only at the international airport, which now has 3 Starbucks stores. We’re still hoping for the coffee giant to spread all the way down to Eindhoven, maybe someday it will. So before my departure to Japan today at Schiphol, we made sure to make a nice and long pit stop at one of the Starbuckses before passport control.

As awesome as it was to drink a Caramel Macchiato in my home country, of course it was also a sad occasion, because here we were again saying goodbye because I don’t live near my family anymore…

If they would just pack up there stuff and move to Japan too. I mean they have a lot of Starbuckses in Japan, even one right next to my new school. But for some reason that didn’t convince them that living in Japan would be a good plan. But at least they’ll be in Japan for a short vacation in August, I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Hitting Starbucks

  1. You look beautiful Louana. I have looked up the amount of Starbucks stores in Japan and the world.There are about 15,000 Starbucks in the world, 686 in Japan.(About) 700 is a big number for this small country!Mwah


  2. Strange, that your family just doesn’t move to Japan for the Starbucks….Wow, Yasu 686 that is a lot!While I was in London last week, I was staying in a hostel just 100 meters away from the first Starbucks and 500 meters away from the second, what do you think about that (without planning it like that;)!).


  3. Euhm… Starbucks? No reason to move to Japan. No reason at all my dear. But to spend the holiday in Japan seems very nice. DVK XXXXXXX je moemie.


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