Shopping in orange Eindhoven

Japan is filled with tiny and skinny people, so it’s basically impossible for someone like me to find clothes that fit me in Japanese stores. So when I’m home in the land of not just tiny and skinny, but also regular and oversized people, I want to go shopping! So today my mom and I went to Eindhoven to buy a truckload of new clothes and accessories for me. When we were there we found that the ‘Oranje-gekte’ (Orange madness) has already begun even though the European Football Championship hasn’t.

You might wonder what the Oranje-gekte is all about… Well, our national color is orange, because it’s the last name of our royal family. So whenever we need to be patriotic we like to dress ourselves and everything else up in orange. The Dutch soccer team is always dressed in orange, is nicknamed Oranje, and apparently had some kind of practice game for the Championship in Eindhoven today. Hence, all the orange decorating the city and the people. Did they win? I have no idea, I’ve never really cared about soccer.

One thought on “Shopping in orange Eindhoven

  1. We did win the first three matches… then we lost. Allthough I don’t care for soccer, it would have been nice to witness the Orange madness! Hope you bought some fabulous clothes! XO


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