Visiting my mom at work

In April my mom started a new job at De Vroom, a local orthopedist. She’s the administrative assistant there and so far she’s really enjoying that job. So Gy and I went to visit her at her new job today. Actually, we did more than visit because Gy and I both have flat-feet and we needed some insoles to make us walk properly. The specialist took a look at our feet from a specially designed cellar, concluded Gy and I have identical feet with identical problems. He stamped our feet in some mushy pink stuff to create a mold for our new insoles, which are due for pick-up next week.
Besides getting some serious foot help, it was also very much fun to see my mom at work. And I even got to help her out, although I’m not sure if I was very efficient or even very helpful:
Even so, I know my mom had fun showing me around and I had fun seeing my mom hard at work and enjoying herself while doing it!

One thought on “Visiting my mom at work

  1. I was waiting for this wonderful picture! It made me laugh again! YES, the updates have begun! Looking forward to the other stories.I have still some stories to tell you;)! Just a little bit of news: I have seen the LAST european show of BJ!!;) With I Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!! xxxMinke


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