My last day at the Inuyama school

I really had fun teaching at this school and my students are the most adorable people I’ve ever met. Naturally it’s quite sad to have to say goodbye to everybody, so I’ve been giving all my adult students little gifts. They weren’t much because I have a lot of students, but they all loved it. The little presents consisted of a Jip & Janneke (Dutch cartoon) magnet, a piece of speculaas (Dutch cookie) and a Pickwick teabag (my favorite Dutch tea). Of course, I’m not leaving the staff of the school empty-handed. I went to international supermarkets here in Inuyama and Nagoya and managed to collect a small batch of Dutch products. I got them Droste chocolates, peanut cookies, syrup waffles, Haagse Hopjes (coffee candy), Van Houten instant hot chocolate and a whole box of my favorite Pickwick tea (which I actually bought in the Netherlands during Shogatsu). I hope the staff likes it as much as the students did.

So today I’m teaching my last class here, I’m actually only teaching private lessons today because Sean, the teacher that is replacing me, is going to try the regular lessons today while I observe him. I hope he’ll treat my students well! And after classes today we will have a big farewell party at Al Centro, the Italian restaurant next door to the school.

The girl on the picture with the big nose, huge pink mouth and enormous thumb is me by the way, this is how Moe (the artist of this poster) sees me apparently! Unfortunately, only 30 students can attend because the place is quite small, but I know it’s going to be a great party! And we’re planning to do some karaoke after the Al Centro party, which I really don’t want to miss even though I have to get up really early tomorrow to move out of my apartment…

7 thoughts on “My last day at the Inuyama school

  1. I looked here and think very good BLOG.It makes me very exciting!By the way,I’m soory that I can’t go to the party…I have to go to asupplementary private scool……Please have a nice day!And I’m very sad that I’have to say goobye!Please remember me!SEE YOU AGAIN(^〇^)/


  2. Ach, je hebt een hele leuke tijd gehad in Inuyama. Dat nemen ze niet meer van je af! Hopelijk is het tweede jaar in Osaka net zo leuk, of leuker! In ieder geval is Yasu veel dichter bij je.Tot gauw!DVK XXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


  3. Now are you already in Osaka or another places like police office? In chage of being too UKARESUGI. Did you enjoy farewell party? any way I hope you are having crazy happy life as usual.chao!


  4. Hi,my name is Joseph and I just found your blog which was a pleasure to read. I will be moving to Inuyama Japan through AEON this Friday and I have a couple of questions to ask if you don't mind. My email is I would rather ask through email. Please contact me with your email soon. Perhaps you can give me some useful advice.


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