Doing the boat-thing again

My last weekend here in Inuyama… Yasu came here to spend it with me and first thing we did was shoot the Nihon Rhine rapids. I did it with Jeroen two weeks ago and it was so much fun I felt Yasu had to do it too. And he loved it just as much as I did!

This time the group was much smaller so we got in a smaller boat, and we were all facing each other. It’s a little odd at first to be looking right at a couple of strangers for an hour but the boat was actually way more comfortable, as we all got to lean our backs on the sides of the boat. The weather was not as good today as in Golden Week, but it was still good enough to not mind getting wet. And this trip down the Kisoriver was more entertaining too because one of the captains brought a bag of bread to feed the huge birds circling above us in the sky.

Sure, the trip down the river is a bit pricey but it’s totally worth it (even twice a month) and I recommend it to everyone who comes to Inuyama. And I’m probably going to do it a third time in Obon when I’m back here with my family.

More pictures


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