Sushi with students

Tonight we had a do-it-yourself-sushi party with some of our students. Ayano picked Kristin and me up after work and drove us to Taka’s apartment in Gifu. Waiting for us there were Keigo and Takayuki who had prepared everything for us. They bought all the supplies and cooked a lot of sushi rice:

A little while later Yoshie joined us and Keigo taught us how to make our own maki-sushi from all the ingredients on the table. It wasn’t difficult, just slap some rice on a piece of nori, add a mixture of seafood and roll:

Of course the guys also made sure there was more than enough to drink in the apartment, kampai!

It was a lot of fun and it’s too bad we didn’t do something like this earlier, instead of a week before I move away. But we still have my farewell party this Saturday and we’re planning on some karaoke afterwards so that should be fun too!
(you have to be my Flickr friend of family to see most of these pictures because my students are on them)

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