Funny Japanese II

When the sun comes out at home, people almost run outside to expose their skin to the golden god in the sky. When the sun comes out here, people try to hide every single patch of skin from the golden devil in the sky. Western people love tans and we think it makes people look healthy and beautiful, Japanese people tans are horrible and adore super white skin. I came across this display of aids to hide from the sun in the 100 yen store next to my house.

Japanese women try to cover up everything and don’t mind looking silly in an effort to stay as white as they can, while I’m purposely wearing shirts that expose as much skin as decent to the sun, because I want a nice tan. Besides huge sun masks, long gloves and neck coverings, Japan goes a step further in their love of white skin: whitening creams. In Western stores you can find products to artificially tan your skin or speed up the tanning process while out in the sun. In Japan it’s almost impossible to find skin lotion or cream without whitener in it. So I can’t wait to go home and buy me some normal skin cream which won’t turn my skin even whiter than it already is.


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