Plenty of packing

I’m done with packing for the big move to Osaka! I know I’m not moving for another two weeks, but next weekend Yasu will be here to do some final sightseeing in Inuyama and Nagoya, and the weekend after that everything has to be packed and in the car before 11 AM Sunday morning, so this was kind of my last chance to do it properly.

Packing wasn’t easy this time. I had to pack for my trip back to Europe, pack a bag for AEON training which starts the day after I come back to Japan, and of course all my other crap had to be packed to be moved to my new shoebox apartment which I don’t get to move into until the end of June. And of course I have to live here for another two weeks too, so it was a bit complicated, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a little organization on a Excel spreadsheet. I’m such a geek, but it sure made packing a lot easier.

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