Happy Anniversary & Happy Mother’s Day!

One year ago today is when my lovely mother married her sweet and crazy boyfriend Guido. It was the most wonderful day, it was the day our two families joined together and Gui officially became my stepfather and I could feel comfortable leaving my mom with him while I moved halfway across the world. I was my mother’s witness (Dutch equivalent of maid of honor without the pink dress) and was in (happy) tears half of the day, but lucky for me Yasu was there to comfort me. I’m so happy they got married and I want to wish them a happy first anniversary! I love you guys.

Lou, Gui, Moem & Gy on the wedding day

Of course it’s also Mother’s Day today. Even though I won’t be able to spoil my mother with breakfast in bed, gifts, attention and kisses the whole day, I want everybody to know that she’s the best mother in the whole world! Of course I did send a her a small gift from Japan, and I’m confident that Gy and Gui will make sure her day still rocks. And in two weeks I’ll be home myself so I can show her how much I love her and appreciate her. I wouldn’t have been who, what and where I am now, without the support and love of my ‘Moem’. Love you, Moem!

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary & Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thx Yasu! Next year will be quick to! Oeps, we staan weer in vol ornaat op internet! Van de week zal ik ook wel weer een blogje maken over deze dag… moet ik wel fotoos maken heej! Tot gauw! DVK XXXXXXX


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