Jeroen in Inuyama

The first thing we did after Jeroen was in Inuyama today, was check out my shoebox apartment. Apparently, Jeroen was under the impression that my room was even smaller than it really is, so he didn’t think it was that bad. Well, I still think it’s small especially compared to his luxurious multi-room apartment in Seoul, but it’s home and at least I don’t have a lot to clean. We also paid my school a small visit, which was closed of course, so Jeroen only admired the outside of the building. Still, he’s the first and only Dutchie to visit me here in Inuyama, so it was cool.

I decided it would be cool for us to take a small boat tour on the Kiso river, because what else are you going to do out here in the country and it was really hot and sunny, so it would be a great opportunity for us to get a bit of a tan. Our boating adventure started with a long wait for the shuttle bus, which wasn’t that bad because we got to catch up and start our tan in those 45 minutes. After we finally fought our way on the bus (too many people, too little space in the bus) it took the shuttle bus at least 30 minutes to get to the start of the boat tour, and once we got there we waited some more for the captains to finish their breaks and actually start the tour. But it was all worth it, because the hour-long trip over the Kiso river was awesome!

‘Shooting the Nihon Rhine Rapids’ was exciting and beautiful and not at all what we had expected. And we got wet (but the water was clear and beautifully green) and we got a tan, so what more do you want on a hot day? I liked it so much that I’m definitely going on the ¥3400 ride one more time with Yasu before I leave Inuyama.

Shooting the Nihon Rhine Rapids with some Dutch narration, but don’t worry I subtitled it in English

After our thrilling boat ride, we walked down to Inuyama castle, which is Japan’s oldest castle in its original state and therefore a national treasure. It’s a tiny castle and hundreds of people wanted to see it today, so it was super crowded. There were even long lines to ascend and descend the steep and slippery stairs inside the castle, and the top of the castle was crawling with people. Yet, a tourist shouldn’t leave Inuyama without seeing this particular sight so we went. And afterwards I got to try sesame soft ice cream in the castle town, so that was worth it.

After our Inuyaman adventures we headed back to Nagoya for some tebasaki at Yamachan and coffee at Starbucks. And then it was time to say goodbye again. Even though Jeroen didn’t get to eat any kaitensushi, sing karaoke or dress up as a geisha (Kyoto is a bit too far from Nagoya), I think he did have a nice Japanese experience. And of course he did some sightseeing in Tokyo himself before and after his Nagoyan adventure, so I’m sure his visit to Japan was very satisfying!


3 thoughts on “Jeroen in Inuyama

  1. Little bit windy…of zoeget! Jammer dat wij dat niet meer mee kunnen maken. Maar mss is er ergens in Osaka nog een riviertje met boten??? DVK XXXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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