Checking out a Japanese IKEA

We came back from our Golden Week road trip yesterday, but my Shinkansen back to Nagoya wasn’t scheduled until today, so we had some more time left to do something fun. IKEA has just opened a new store in Kobe (only the third store in Japan), and IKEA has always been my favorite furniture store, it’s colorful and cheap! I was happy to discover that this IKEA is selling the same products as they do at home (I actually found the entire set of bedroom furniture I selected 3 years ago on sale here too, and I still love it, I just wish I could have taken it to Japan with me.

Yasu didn’t need anything, and I don’t want to increase my belongings just before I move house at the end of this month, so we weren’t going there to buy anything. Instead we thought it might be interesting to find out if our tastes for interior design match or totally clash, which will be helpful for when we move in together. Of course our opinions about what is beautiful differs, but not as much as I feared. Besides Yasu told me that when the time comes that we actually have to make these decisions, he’s most likely going to let me decide anyway. Good to know!
Tomorrow Golden Week is official for everybody in Japan, and apparently IKEA is expecting huge crowds, so it has already set up barriers to make people stand in an orderly Disneyland-like line. I couldn’t believe it, who wants to stand in line for hours just to see (and maybe buy) furniture? I mean I was already happy we weren’t really there to buy stuff today, because there were so many people there it made me nervous, and we didn’t line up at all. Imagine the chaos inside IKEA tomorrow and Sunday.
Check out the Golden Week line here, photographed by an Englishman in Osaka (edit on May 10, 2008).

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