Celebrating our anniversary in Shirahama

As we’re in Wakayama now, we decided to spend our fourth anniversary (and our first one together) on the beach in Shirahama. It’s a pretty long drive south from Wakayama city, but we both enjoy driving especially along the Japanese coastline, so we didn’t mind the 3 hour trip at all! On the way back to Wakayama in the evening we made a small pit stop to do some anniversary kissing while enjoying seeing the sun set in the water:

So how did we celebrate our relationship birthday in Shirahama? Well, first we found the beautiful white beach with the blue sea, then we parked our car (for free) at the local 100 yen shop and bought some sunscreen and a huge piece of yellow plastic and some lunch at the konbini, and found a spot on the almost deserted beach where we had a nice picnic on the yellow plastic in the hot sun. After lunch we went for a swim, Yasu for a really short one because the water was too cold for his Japanese body, and I went for several long ones. I love swimming, but I’m used to swimming in cold water and the water in Japanese pools is always warmer than 30°C, which is just way too hot for me, so I had to give up swimming here. But today the sea water was nice and cool, not cold like Yasu and the other Japanese people said when they touched the water with their bare feet, actually I prefer my water to be even colder than it was today. In the beginning, I was the only one swimming in the water but later I was joined by 3 others, which of course were foreigners too!

After a wonderful afternoon in the blue sea, on the white beach and in the hot sun it was time to head back to Wakayama again. Do you know the way your hair feels after a day at the beach, I love that ‘beach effect’ and actually felt sorry when I washed it all out of my hair tonight. On the way back we stopped at the Shirahama fish market to do see some more spooky sea creatures, I’m just glad that I didn’t encounter any of these during one of my swims this afternoon:

We hoped to find dinner at the fish market like we did yesterday in Wakayama, but the place closed at 6:30 already, and we only got there just before 6. So we drove back to our hotel, freshened up in our room and found an Italian restaurant on the first floor of the building our hotel was also located in. The restaurant, Raffinato, was very romantically decorated and dimly lit, and the couches had really high backs creating nice booths and corners where you can privately enjoy your dinner. So a great place for an anniversary dinner, and the pasta and pizza were delicious!

All in all, it was the perfect way to spend an anniversary and I can’t wait to celebrate our fifth next year. Yasu, thanks for the perfect anniversary, I love you!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating our anniversary in Shirahama

  1. Nice pictures!!! Yes that was a great anniversory!! Shirahama is so beautiful, we chose a nice place! mwahThat kissing was an unplanned and great memory :) mwahI love you my beautiful girl :)mwah


  2. Wij gaan ook iets leuks doen met onze aniversary! Zwaluwhoeve in Harderwijk! Deels kerst, deels 11 mei…;-)Tzag er errug gezellig uit bij jullie en lekker in de zee. Gaan wij straks ook iets aan de zee doen in Japan???DVK XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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