It’s Golden Week (which means I don’t have to teach for 10 whole days) so Yasu and I wanted to do some traveling preferably by car, because we both love road trips. Recently I’ve been craving a visit to the beach and I’d seen many beautiful beach pictures taken in Wakayama Prefecture, so I convinced Yasu to drive us there for our little Golden Week road trip. Wakayama is the capital of Wakayama Prefecture in Kansai, and it’s just about 3 hours (by car without the use of the expensive highways) south from Osaka.
First stop we made in Wakayama was at Porto Europa, it’s a small theme park with buildings resembling European buildings. It’s very pretty there and I just wish they’d redo all the ‘modern’ buildings in Japan to look more like these, because Japanese architecture is just plain ugly (except for the old temples and shrines of course).

Next door to Porto Europa is Kuroshioichiba fish market, where they had a lot of interesting and also creepy looking fish on display. But the best discovery we did there was the outdoor BBQ restaurant. You were supposed to gather kebabs and other stuff for on the BBQ inside the fish market, and then after paying for your selections you could take them outside to cook them on a BBQ. It wasn’t cheap but of course it tasted great and an extremely entertaining way to have lunch.

After lunch we walked toward the water to enjoy the view and the fresh sea breeze, we also took some searching for an actual beach, but when we finally found one it was getting late and chilly so I didn’t really feel like walking through the water anymore. But we’re going to Shirahama tomorrow, and this city’s name translates to white beach, because they actually have white beaches with blue water there! I can’t wait.

We went to Daiwa Roynet Wakayama Hotel, to inspect our room and to take a small break and to freshen up for dinner. Our room is nice and has an excellent view of Wakayama Castle and the surrounding park. We ended up eating dinner at a Japanese chain restaurant Sato, where I had sukiyaki (winter food) on a day that felt like summer.


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