Chiki Chiki Bomber

Tomorrow Yasu and I are leaving for a small road trip to Wakayama (south of Osaka), so I already headed down to Amagasaki today. I arrived in the early evening so we still had more than enough time to try out one of the restaurants on Yasu’s list of restaurants-Louana-needs-to-try-out. Ever since he knew I’d be moving to Japan he’s been mentioning restaurants we should go to together, yet he never bothered to write them down and now that I’m actually here he can’t seem to remember most of them. We know his mental list is long, but these days it mostly consists of blanks, and filling them in has been a challenge for him. But not to worry because there are loads of awesome restaurants in Japan, so we never go hungry. One of the ones he did remember was the yakitori restaurant near his house with an interesting name: Chiki Chiki Bomber.

It’s a cute little shop, with a small bar, and only four tables of which two have Japanese style seating on the floor (which is of course where were seated as I really suck at sitting on the floor because it kills my back), friendly and funny staff and delicious food:

Even though the name yakitori implies bird meat (like chicken) the menu shows many other kinds of skewered food and even food without a stick going through it. My favorite dish was onion-on-a-stick. We had a delicious dinner and I won’t mind returning again, but first I’d like to try out some more of those restaurants on Yasu’s forgotten list.

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