The perfect strap

In Japan cell phone straps are immensely popular. People love to dress up their keitais and their straps express their individuality (just a little bit in this collective culture). They sell straps everywhere and of course everyone has at least one hanging off their phone, but more often than not people have a whole (inconvenient) bunch. I’ve seen some awfully ugly straps and some really cute and beautiful ones, but so far I hadn’t found ‘my’ cell phone strap yet. I mean I’ve had one on my phone since I can remember, a Hello Kitty dressed up as a yellow monkey, but it wasn’t the perfect one, it was just ok. Ever since I got that one about 10 months ago, I’d been looking around for that perfect strap but to no avail. Until last month, when Kumiko and I were getting some coffee at Starbucks. I laid my eyes upon the most beautiful cell phone straps I’ve ever seen:

I couldn’t believe how perfect this strap was. I immediately bought one for me and for Yasu, who’s also a huge Starbucks freak and also loved the strap. And we’ve been proudly sporting our new straps ever since. I wanted to buy one for my brother Gyano too, another Starbucks addict, but remembered his cell phone has nothing to attach a strap to, so I decided not to buy him one. But when I told my mother about it later, she convinced me Gyano would love it too and would probably find something else to attach it to. But when I returned to Starbucks they told they were sold out in the whole Nagoya area and there weren’t any new ones coming! I guess we aren’t the only ones in love with this cell phone strap. But the next day I found some left over in a Starbucks somewhere out in the country, and last weekend I saw them all over Osaka. So I bought my brother one too, but it’s a secret until I give it to him next month so don’t tell him! He never reads my blog anyway, so I felt pretty safe blogging about it without ruining the surprise.

5 thoughts on “The perfect strap

  1. oh my!!! is it possible to help me buy it and i’ll send the money over? this looks absolutely cool! i work in the Starbucks in Singapore. :D


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