Tsukamoto again

After exploring Senri Chuo we took a subway and a train down to Tsukamoto, because somewhere in that town my new apartment is located. I have no idea where exactly, but I hope it’s near the station. It’s about a 30 minute commute, which is a waste of time everyday, but Tsukamoto is extremely near Amagasaki (Yasu’s hometown) so I’m happy nonetheless.

Yasu and I stopped at this station before so I could take some pictures, but we never actually left the platform. Today Maiko and I did leave the platform and walked around a bit in the station area. It looks good, with a nice number of stores and places to get food, and they even have Jankara karaoke!

And Maiko discovered a tiny arcade in some shotengai with a purikura machine! Unfortunately is was a bit old-fashioned and doesn’t send the result to your cell phone, but of course it does print those pretty stickers.

We went to the big Cospa gym, which is just a two-minute walk from the station to take a look. They gave us a nice tour of the premises, and so far I’m really liking this gym! Cospa has elliptical trainers (which for some reason are wildly unpopular in Japan, but are my favorite aerobic workout machines), air-conditioning in summer (but in the winter they use the heater), water fountains (where you can fill your bottle) weight training machines for all muscle groups (and they’re all new), benches in the locker room, and even have private shower stalls with locks (but they also have the big communal bath where everybody gets naked together)! These might all sound like typical gym things, but I assure you in Japan they’re not. While trying out many gyms in Japan, I’ve found that most things I took for granted at my old gym in the Netherlands are hard to find in Japanese gyms.

There’s also a nice pool, but yet again heated to a temperature way over 30 °C, which I just find too disgusting to swim in. I love swimming, but our pools have cold water and the only time the water feels warm is when somebody was too lazy to go to the bathroom and therefore peed in the pool. So to me swimming in Japan feels like swimming in a huge amount of fresh pee. So thanks, but no thanks. They also have step lessons in this gym, but unfortunately they only have level 1 steps and one that’s even lower which they call kantan (= easy) step. At home I used to do step 3, which was just the right level and I loved it. Step 2 and especially step 1 used to bore me too quickly. But bear in mind, the lessons will be taught in Japanese and I haven’t done it for almost a year. So at least in the beginning even step 1 classes will be challenging, as I’m out of shape now and I still don’t speak Japanese. I can’t wait to get started again.

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