Senri Chuo

I went to Osaka today, but Yasu was doing a whole-day seminar, so I had the whole afternoon and early evening to myself. So Maiko and I got together, as she’s undergoing a month-long training in Kobe for her new job as a bank employee, and Kobe is very close to Osaka.
We headed to Senri Chuo, north from Osaka in Toyonaka, because that’s where my new place of work is located. Last year, when I found out I was going to work at a school in Inuyama, I tried to find as much information about the city and the school online. I didn’t find much and my curiosity remained unsatisfied. Now, I actually live in Japan and I often go to Osaka, so this time there was no need to remain curious about the new school and its location. A couple of months ago the Honbu people in Osaka told me not to visit the new school, because the school staff didn’t know about me yet. By now they probably do (as we’ve known about my replacement at Inuyama school for quite a long time by now), but I wasn’t going to disobey Honbu orders, so we just did a distant walk-by and took some top-secret pictures of the school with the secret name.

The school is located on the 4th floor of a huge mall area, and it’s so totally different from the area around my school in Inuyama. There are so many stores, restaurants and other malls there, that it’ll take me a long time to figure out where everything is. At least I won’t be bored during my breaks, and I’ll actually have options for lunch! But the absolute best thing about the location of my new school is its proximity to this:
I know!!! Starbucks is our neighbor! You can’t see the new school in this picture, but it’s right next to it on the floor next to Starbucks’ roof. I’ve imagined working near a Starbucks for so long, and now I finally will be able to go out and get some Starbucks coffee during work! So yeah, I’m pretty excited about working in Senri Chuo, it’s going to be such a different experience from Inuyama. I just hope the students will be as great as they are here though.

More pictures


5 thoughts on “Senri Chuo

  1. That is a big Starbucks!! You have loved Starbucks for years and it was your almost neighbor in Emory and soon it will be your real neighbor :) Nice place! mwah


  2. In Emory it was still quite out of the way, so I didn’t go there often. Instead I bought regular drip (still Starbucks brand though) in the B-school caf everyday. But in Senri Chuo it won’t be inconvenient at all! But it might get expensive, though…


  3. hi im jeff…
    just bumped into you site while i was looking for starbucks tumbler design. I saw the starbucks in senri chuo, where i often go to.

    I also work very near the station.5mins to be precise.hehe…do you still go there?


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