Iwakura’s Sakura Matsuri

After a short matsuri break, in which Yasu got himself a new haircut, we headed down to Iwakura, to see what was going on at their Sakura Matsuri.

There were an uncountable number of blooming sakura trees lining Iwakura’s Gojo river and the matsuri just meant hundreds of pink lanterns in the trees and dozens of yatai selling that interesting Japanese festival food. It looked beautiful with all the flowers and the thousands of pedals in the river. The whole scene actually looked quite romantic, but there were a couple hundred too many Japanese people around to make it really feel romantic.

We tried out several kinds of festival foods (to admire them please check my flickr), some were interesting but not that good, some were very tasty but my favorites still are the huge pork skewers we found at the festival in Inuyama.

Most Japanese people like to do hanami, as in sit down under the sakura trees and have a picnic (with loads of alcoholic beverages) while enjoying the sight of the cherry blossoms. We didn’t actually do that, I mean we did eat festival food but we never actually sat down. Besides sitting down under those trees at the Gojo river didn’t look that attractive to me, because people were sitting way too close to the water because the river bank was actually quite steep. So first you’d have to climb down that steeply sloping bank (I know it doesn’t look that bad in the pictures) and I was bound to slip or fall over on the way down. And sitting that close to the water makes me uncomfortable. Not that the river was that deep, on the contrary, I just didn’t want to fall in and have those huge Koi fish start sucking at my face.

Earlier we’d had some disagreement about the color of the cherry blossoms. One of the first times I blogged about the sakura I’d called them white flowers and Kumiko told me that they are pink not white, and Yasu agreed (well probably everybody agrees with her). Well, maybe they have kind of a pinkish sheen over them but closer inspection of the flowers just makes me conclude they’re white with a pink center.

I’m kind of a bold color girl and my favorite color happens to be pink, and I just can’t classify the regular cherry blossoms as true pink especially not compared to another kind of sakura tree we found later which sported truly pink blossoms.

But no matter if the cherry blossoms were white, pink or pinkish white (the compromise) they certainly were a beautiful sight. I can’t wait for the actual cherries to pop up in the supermarket. Although the Japanese ones are always way too expensive and I prefer the darker and cheaper American cherries which will be arriving in Japan, soon I hope.

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