Sakura by day

The Japanese love their cherry trees and the accompanying blossoms in spring. I’ve been reading about it online and hearing about it from Yasu for a couple of years now, and this is the first time I’m Japan to witness the sakura beauty. I finally got my first glimpse of the white flowers by night in Maiko’s street last Saturday, but that wasn’t good enough for me. So yesterday just before the sun started to set (couldn’t go earlier because the battery of my camera wasn’t done charging yet) I biked away from my apartment in search of some cherry trees in Inuyama.

Well turns out they aren’t hard to find and I quickly stumbled upon large numbers of trees lining the streets and the tiny rivers. I did some admiring and took some pictures, and a friendly Japanese lady (who’d been observing me for a while) took a picture of me and a sakura tree.

The trees and its flowers are pretty, but I’m not sure if I fully appreciate them yet, being not so much the nature girl. Yasu will be here next weekend and I think I’m going to convince him to do some hanami (flower viewing) with me in one of Nagoya’s top hanami spots. But first we’ll be taking a look around Inuyama’s spring festival with Kumiko, on Sunday. And I’m sure sakura will be a big part of the festivities.

3 thoughts on “Sakura by day

  1. You look very cute, my love :) That was a great idea to bike to see sakura. Let’s go to see them this weekend mwahI love you my cute girl, Kisses


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