Bon Jovi karaoke marathon # 2

Today it was time for Bon Jovi karaoke marathon number 2! Which means 9 hours of interrupted singing of Bon Jovi songs in a karaoke room at Shidax Komaki, with several other Bon Jovi freaks, for a very low price as it’s all free time karaoke! This time Kumiko and I were joined by Kyoko, who was also their for karaoke marathon number 1, and a new participant named Aki, unfortunately Yuko couldn’t make it this time.

Aki, Kyoko, Lou and Kumiko’s winking

Last time, we sang all 66 Bon Jovi songs (and 22 more) on the Joy Sound karaoke machine. This time our goal was all 126 songs (including Jon Bon Jovi’s solo work) on the UGA karaoke machine. UGA has many more Bon Jovi songs than Joy Sound but we prefer Joy Sound nonetheless, because it has a few live versions, meaning Bon Jovi actually appears on the screen to sing with you and the sound of the karaoke music and the lyrics are way better. The UGA machine sometimes even seemed to make up whole chapters of lyrics all by itself, without Jon or Richie having any influence on it, which thoroughly confused us while singing. Next time, we’ll try the DAM karaoke machine, which also only has 66 songs, but some different ones than the other two brands.

Before we started, we knew we wouldn’t be able to sing all 126 songs in 9 hours, so we started singing all the songs that Joy Sound doesn’t have in its repertoire from A to Z. After that we randomly sang as many of the leftover songs as we could. We ended up singing 113 songs, which is 25 more than last time because this time we didn’t take any breaks, we took the marathon very seriously ;).

Fuel for the throat

Of course, it was a lot of fun again, but I know most people will declare us totally nuts and you have to be a true Bon Jovi fan to be able to enjoy this, which is one of the requirements to get invited. The only I don’t like is seeing the same annoying background videos with some Western girls walking around New York or L.A. over and over again, if they can’t fill the screen with Bon Jovi or the corresponding official video clip, then just leave it blank is what I think. Also, voices seem to be made to only cope with 8 hours of karaoke, because in the last hour all our voices seemed to have broken and we were no longer able to sing the higher notes. But our voices have some time to recuperate because the next marathon will probably be in April, which might be my last one… As I’m moving to Osaka in 2 months, what am I going to do there without my fellow Bon Jovi freaks?

The list of Bon Jovi songs we sang:
1) Always Run to You
2) Any Other Day
3) Back Door Santa
4) Bang A Drum
5) Blame It On The Love Of Rock ‘n Roll
6) Blood Money
7) Blood On Blood
8) Breakout
9) Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
10) Burning For Love
11) Come Back
12) Dry County
13) Everybody’s Broken
14) Fear
15) Hook Me Up
16) I Believe
17) If Could Make A Living Out Of Lovin’ You
18) If I Was Your Mother
19) I Got The Girl
20) I Love This Town
21) Joey
22) I Want You
23) King Of The Mountain
24) Last Cigarette
25) Let It Rock
26) Little Bit Of Soul
27) Lonely
28) Love Lies
29) Love Me Back To Life
30) Neurotica
31) Misunderstood
32) Mystery Train
33) One Step Closer
34) Only Lonely
35) Put The Boy Back In Cowboy
36) Right Side Of Wrong
37) Prayer ‘94
38) Roulette
39) Say It Isn’t So
40) Secret Dreams
41) Save The World
42) Seat Next To You
43) She’s A Mystery
44) Social Disease
45) Silent Night
46) The Hardest Part Is The Night
47) Summertime
48) The Last Night
49) The Price Of Love
50) Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore
51) Two Story Town
52) Whole Lotta Leavin’
53) Without Love
54) Wild In The Streets
55) Woman In Love
56) You Had Me From Hello
57) Midnight in Chelsea
58) Ugly
59) Please Come Home For Christmas
60) Born To Be My Baby
61) We’ve Got It Goin’ On
62) I’d Die For You
63) I Am
64) If That’s What It Takes
65) Undivided
66) Always
67) It’s My Life
68) In & Out Of Love
69) In These Arms
70) Bed Of Roses
71) Complicated
72) Last Man Standing
73) Make A Memory
74) Bad Medicine
75) I’ll Be There For You
76) Runaway
77) Lay Your Hands On Me
78) Lost Highway
79) All About Lovin’ You
80) Living In Sin
81) Blaze Of Glory
82) Sleep When I’m Dead
83) Wanted Dead Or Alive
84) Never Say Goodbye
85) Bounce
86) This Ain’t A Love Song
87) Story Of My Life
88) Thank You For Loving Me
89) Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
90) Always
91) Welcome To Wherever You Are
92) Have A Nice Day
93) I Want To Be Loved
94) Bells Of Freedom
95) Lie To Me
96) These Days
97) You Give Love A Bad Name
98) Livin’ On A Prayer
99) Novocaine
100) Miracle
101) Diamond Ring
102) Dirty Little Secret
103) Hearts Breakin’ Even
104) Hey God
105) (It’s Hard) Letting You Go
106) Just Older
107) Keep The Faith
108) As My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
109) One Wild Night
110) Real Life
111) She Don’t Know Me
112) Something To Believe In
113) Something For The Pain

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