My new fridge

About a month ago, I came back home from Amagasaki to find that my fridge had broken down. There was a big pool of brown water on the floor and everything in the freezer section had thawed. I cleaned up the mess, dried the inside of the now dysfunctional freezer and got rid of my spoiled freezer. The cooling section of the fridge still seemed to work, so the machine wasn’t totally useless. I alerted my manager of the broken fridge and later that week she came over to check if the fridge was really broken, or to perhaps discover some secret switch only visible to Japanese eyes which would fix everything. No such switch was found and after a short inspection she also concluded that the fridge was indeed broken, and a new one needed to be ordered. But apparently, there were some leftover fridges (?) in other AEON schools in the area so my new fridge was going to a be a secondhand one. I waited for a long time and they finally switched fridges on me yesterday, before work.

It was about time too, because the cooling section had started to freeze all its contents in its final days, which resulted in me having to throw away two batches of precious and expensive strawberries, which turned into a not so delicious sticky goo after thawing.Two delivery men showed up at my door, took away the broken blue machine and escorted a new and improved silver one into my apartment. They removed all of the packing material, plastic, Styrofoam, and sticky tape and connected it in a few effective minutes and then left me to admire my new fridge. Which I believe is new and not secondhand at all, as it arrived in the factory box, was perfectly clean and in excellent shape. It has a lot of shelves and even a fruit drawer, I love it! Oh, and it works like it should! Stuff in the freezer is properly frozen, and stuff in the fridge is properly cooled. My strawberries are safe. It’s just a shame I can’t move my new fridge to Osaka with me.

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