Ramen for lunch

For months I’ve been curious about the little shacks across the street from our school. I know they sell ramen noodles and stuff like that, and especially in good weather it’s always crowded there and all the outside seats are filled with people eating lunch. But somehow I’ve never felt comfortable trying out some ramen from those shacks.

But for some reason today Kristin and I felt brave enough to try some. We walked passed all the little wooden houses, and they all looked deserted (our lunch break started at 16:00) and kind of scary. We were already thinking about picking up some bentobox (lunch) at the konbini instead, because basically the sight of these establishments made us want to get out of there.

Yet, we went inside because we’ve been wondering about the ramen across the street for so long… It was now or never. So we chose now. The lady behind the counter was kind of interesting and she noticed (obviously as we’re pretty loud) that we spoke English but still ended up asking me specifically whether I spoke Japanese (Nihongo) or not. I wonder if she spotted the half-Asian in me… At home most people think I’m Chinese or something (they only see my Asian features) but here it’s the opposite (they only see my Caucasian features), some people don’t even believe me when I tell them I’m not all white.

We both ordered some BBQ pork ramen, and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. It tasted kind of bland, but then again that’s how ramen usually tastes to me anyway. So I think it’s safe to say that our little adventure across the street was a one-time-thing, and lunch will continued to be eaten elsewhere.

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