The MSN messenger architect

Every Thursday night I go online to speak to my sweet mother. She has her weekly day off on that day, so we can always talk to each other for a very long time about anything and everything we can think of. Occasionally other members of the family join in the conversation after they start coming home from work and school, but mostly it’s just me and my mom.
We’ve tried using the very popular Skype, but somehow it always has a problem in combination with my computer, so now we just use MSN messenger, without webcams because that creates problems too. So these days we just use the phone option of MSN messenger and that works well.
And today my mother discovered another useful function on messenger. She was trying to explain which wall in their new house (they’re moving in 2009) she wanted to decorate with wallpaper, and I had no idea what she was talking about. Normally, she would have grabbed some paper and drawn me a little sketch of the floor plan, but the whole being on opposite sides of the world makes all of this a bit more difficult. But then my brilliant mother decided to use the drawing function in messenger, and with a little bit of effort she created these wonderful (albeit out of proportion) floor plans on the left. And her pictures, accompanied with her explanations and color coding, made total sense!

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