Funny Japanese

Monday, I went shopping with Yasu and Hiromasa in Amagasaki. The guys bought clothes and more and I assisted Yasu with his selections. As you probably know people in Japan like to take their shoes off before entering the home and many other places, and the weirdest place I recently had to do it was at the creepy doctor’s office. And Yasu had to do it before entering the dressing room at the clothes store Uniqlo, because the inside of the tiny enclosure is lined with carpet. Actually it’s not such a silly thing because you usually take your shoes off in a dressing room anyway, and the clean carpet makes throwing (discarded and selected) clothes on the floor after fitting them appropriate, as there is never enough room on the hooks anyway. Yasu certainly liked this option.

Later in the day Yasu and I headed to Osaka and we ended up in Yodobashi Umeda, a huge electronics store. They sell a lot of amazing machines and gadgets in this store, and they have everything in about a hundred different versions and colors from cheap to expensive. I’m actually shopping around for a printer-scanner, but they are pretty huge here much bigger than at home, and too huge for a shoebox sized apartment. But I did find some very interesting looking memory sticks:

They’re cute and they’d probably make a good souvenir, but they don’t look particularly practical as they’re big and lumpy. I even have problems fitting my super slim memory stick in the computer at work due to some annoying ridges, imagine trying to stuff in a huge piece of fried shrimp, an octopus ball or some tuna sushi.

3 thoughts on “Funny Japanese

  1. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog for months now. I actually plan to fly over to Japan to stay for a while after my graduation, that’s why I’ve been reading your blog. It’s been really interesting. (^_^) Coincidentally, my jap name is also Yasu too. Heh.


  2. Voor elke laptopgebruiker hier in huis is zo’n memorystick ook veel te groot en errug handig maar wel errug leuk! Remember my cow-pc-mouse? Not handy but very cute!XXXXX DVK je moemie.


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