They cleaned up the Nova mess

Last weekend, they finally started breaking down the Nova school, almost 4 months after the Inuyama branch was last open for classes.

The staff just left after they were declared bankrupt and never returned to clean up inside or outside, understandably. Advertising sandwich boards had been in front of the station for a while, until someone dumped them in front of the vacated building. The huge Nova billboards, still visible in the picture above, are now huge white squares on top of an empty building:

It looks a bit sad, but it’s a bit exciting too, because this empty building has a lot of potential. I wonder what kind of business is going to be run from this building now. Let’s hope for Starbucks’ newest Japanese coffee store. And please be quick, because I’ll be gone in three months.


3 thoughts on “They cleaned up the Nova mess

  1. Bijna om de hoek bij Starburks werken niet wonen. Maar dat is wel een hele verbetering natuurlijk! Maar wees nou eerlijk het groene logo van Starbucks zou hier niet misstaan toch ;)!?


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