Bon Jovi karaoke marathon

So today it was finally the day of the long-awaited Bon Jovi karaoke marathon! Actually it hasn’t been that long since we decided to do a 9-hour karaoke stint, but when you’ve been looking forward to it as much as I have it feels like ages. Why 9 hours of karaoke? Because at Shidax they have something called ‘free time’ in which you can sing karaoke for just a ¥1000 per person for as long as you want, with a maximum of 9 hours because it starts at 11:00 and ends at 20:00. For an additional ¥700 per person you can get unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, but I don’t really need that as water is my favorite drink and that’s totally free.

Last time Kumiko and I were there we tried to sing all the 66 Bon Jovi songs in the Joysound karaoke machine completely, but we didn’t have enough time (just 5 hours) so we had to rush and ended up singing abbreviated versions of the last 15 sings or so. This time we’d have enough time to sing all the songs from A to Z. We were joined by two other Bon Jovi fans, Kyoko (who also went to Hard Rock with us last week) and Yuko, who were as ‘serious’ about it as Kumiko and I were! We had a blast! We finished all 66 Bon Jovi by 18:10 and we could have called it a night by then, but we didn’t want to at all! Instead we all took turns in choosing our favorites and singing them one more time.

Yuko and Kyoko getting ready in karaoke room 109

The Joysound machine has four live versions of Bon Jovi karaoke, which means that instead of some background video of some American or Japanese city, you actually see Bon Jovi performing the song on stage and you can sing along with them.

Jon singing Always during the 1995 Wembley concert on our karaoke screen

Of course these songs were the most fun to sing. I mean all songs are extremely enjoyable but when the band itself appears on the screen something different happens:

Aren’t my fellow Karaokeans cute?

The next time we want to try the UGA karaoke machine which has 123 Bon Jovi songs. But seeing as we only sang 88 Bon Jovi songs this time in 9 hours we might have a problem fitting in all 123 songs in… But this time we took several restroom breaks and a pretty long dinner break somewhere in the middle, so maybe if we cut those breaks out and fast forward the guitar solos in the songs, we might be able to do it? Well, anyway that’ll be our next challenge!

Before our 9 hour Bon Jovi karaoke marathon, still with that fresh morning look

The list of Bon Jovi songs we sang:
1) All About Lovin’ You
2) All I Want Is Everything
3) Always (LIVE VERSION)
4) Bad Medicine
5) Bed Of Roses
6) Bells Of Freedom
7) Bitter Wine
8) Blaze Of Glory
9) Bon Jovi Medley (You Give Love A Bad Name/It’s My Life/Livin’ On A Prayer/Born To Be My Baby/Everyday/Always/I’ll Be There For You)
10) Born To Be My Baby
11) Bounce
12) Complicated
13) Damned
14) Diamond Ring
15) Dirty Little Secret
16) Everyday
17) Have A Nice Day (LIVE VERSION)
18) Hearts Breaking Even
19) Hey God
20) I Am
21) I’d Die For You
22) If That’s What It Takes
23) I’ll Be There For You
24) I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
25) In And Out Of Love
26) In These Arms
27) (It’s Hard) Letting You Go
28) It’s My Life
29) I Want To Be Loved
30) Just Older
31) Keep The Faith
32) Last Cigarette
33) Last Man Standing
34) Lay Your Hands On Me
35) Lie To Me
36) Living In Sin
37) Livin’ On A Prayer (LIVE VERSION)
38) Lost Highway
39) Miracle
40) My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
41) Never Say Goodbye
42) Next 100 Years
43) Novocaine
44) One Wild Night
45) Real Life
46) Runaway
47) She Don’t Know Me
48) Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
49) Something For The Pain
50) Something To Believe In
51) Story Of My Life
52) Thank You For Loving Me
53) These Days
54) These Open Arms
55) This Ain’t A Love Song
56) Tokyo Road
57) Unbreakable
58) Undivided
59) Wanted Dead Or Alive
60) We’ve Got It Goin’ On
61) Welcome To Wherever You Are
62) Who Says You Can’t Go Home
63) Wildflower
64) Wild In The Streets
65) You Give Love A Bad Name (LIVE VERSION)
66) You Want To Make A Memory
67) Born To Be My Baby
68) These Days
69) You Give Love A Bad Name (LIVE VERSION)
70) You Want To Make A Memory
71) Have A Nice Day (LIVE VERSION)
72) Always (LIVE VERSION)
73) I’ll Be There For You
74) Livin’ On A Prayer
75) I Am
76) Undivided
77) Living In Sin
78) If That’s What It Takes
79) It’s My Life
80) Complicated
81) Keep The Faith
82) I’d Die For You
83) In These Arms
84) Bells Of Freedom
85) Bed Of Roses
86) Hearts Breaking Even
87) One Wild Night
88) All About Lovin’ You

After our marathon, not tired at all, but very excited and ready for more!

More pictures


3 thoughts on “Bon Jovi karaoke marathon

  1. Hi,Lou,I’m Kyoko.I had happy and fun time last Sunday!I enjoyed singind BJ’s songs♪ And thank you for your presents.It’s very cute chocolates.My kids said “Woooow,how cute!” And “OISHI~~~”They enjoyed eatting those.And.I’m sorry,I can’t speak Englishwell.I want to speak English, likeKumiko…How study English?????How do you think my English letter?Is it right? See you!!Next,123songs karaokemarathon time!!! Bye-Bye From Kyoko


  2.  Hi,Lou!I’ve never thought i could watch myself singing BJ song on You Tube!!!ha ha ha :)I really enjoyed BJ Karaoke Marathon. and I can’t wait next one!


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