New Year’s Party

Today after work we were hosting our New Year’s party. It’s a bit late, we know, but the manager hadn’t planned on having one at all, until one student kept nagging her about it! It worked, so Shinenkai ended up halfway through February!

Tired after a hard day at work, getting ready for the party

A lot of students, especially guys, showed up to the party at the Italian place (Al Centro) next door. We were served a lot of Japanese-Italian food and drinks, and it was a lot of fun to catch up with so many students. I hadn’t drunk alcohol since the fake champagne at actual New Year’s at home, so 3 glasses of (actually pretty tasty) white wine was enough to get me drunk! The party was really great and I was genuinely sad when Mayuka told us all to leave after just two measly hours.

Tipsy Lou with Al Centro’s owner/cook Takahiro

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to show my students on my blog anymore. Apparently, somewhere a student sued Aeon because one of its teachers posted a picture of him or her on a blog. I don’t know the details and although I don’t believe our students are particularly litigious, I’d better play it safe. So, I’ll just be taking more pictures of our staff (because that is still ok) from now on to illustrate my AEON stories. It’s a shame because several of my students read my blog, and not in the least to see the pictures I took of them accompanied with a story about them. And of course my blog has always been a nice way to share my wonderful students with the people at home and in other parts of the world. So, I’ll be hiding my students from now on, either by hiding their pictures on Flickr (you’ll need to be a registered friend or family to be able to see them), or by covering their faces like this:

Kristin and her rather peculiar-looking students

At the end of the party Mayuka and Takahiro surprised Kristin with a huge chocolate-strawberry cake to celebrate her upcoming birthday! And she blew all 28 candles out (almost) at once. Obviously I took many pictures of the students at the party, but if you want to see them you’ll have to register as my friend on Flickr and hope you’ll pass my severe security screening ;).

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