Congratulations Moem!!!

My mom has been working at a car glass company for quite a long time now, she used to be in a call center taking calls from customers. A while ago she changed positions within the company, and she got to deal with business clients and insurance companies instead of individual customers. Unfortunately, her new job and working environment didn’t really suit her and she became very unhappy, work wise. And so the quest for a new job began. She has always wanted some kind of administrative job, she even went back to school in 2006 to get a special certificate to qualify her for such a job. But that kind of job apparently is very popular, so it hasn’t been easy for her. Even though any company would be really lucky to have her working for them…

But today she emailed me to tell me she’s got hired for a new job! She’ll be the sole administrative associate for a small orthopedics company which is just a 5-minute commute (by bicycle) away from our house! It’s just perfect and she’s been enthusiastic about this job opportunity ever since she found out about it. And the people there felt the same way about her, of course! She’ll be starting at her new job in April! I’m so happy for her and I’m really proud of my sweet mother!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Moem!!!

  1. WOW! Wat gaaf Lia! Gefeliciteerd, ik ben ook trots op je. Als je er in gelooft, dan lukt het….en zie hier Lia en Lou met hun grote stoere stappen die ze maken!Dikke kus, Minke


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