Happy birthday Gy!

Happy birthday to the sweetest brother in the world, my ‘little’ brother Gyano. He’s turning 17 today, that’s right he’s 10 years younger than me! I bought him some nice Japanese gifts, a Tonkatsu shirt from Harajuku and his favorite manga book in English and sent them home. I wish I could be there to celebrate his birthday with him but I’m sure my mother will do a great job handing him my gifts.

Sad piggies staring at Tonkatsu (Japanese pork dish)

One of the worst things of moving to Japan has been not being able to see my baby brother grow up from a teenager to a (soon-to-be) young man. I used to see him everyday and we shared a lot, even a bedroom, but now I only get to see him when I fly back home. And so much changes in his life every year, so every time I come back things are different, and I feel like I’m missing out. But I’ll see him again in May when I fly back home for yet another visit! And he and my parents will be visiting me in Japan in August for the Obon holiday!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday Gy!

  1. Yep, 17 alweer!! En om op Yasu’s comment terug te komen… i was having a baby back then and the baby was Lou!!! Tis maar net waar je op dat moment mee bezig bent heej!!!XXXXX dikke vette kusen, je moemie.


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