Bon Jovi karaoke

Kumiko was sitting (or rather dancing) two seats to the left from me during the Bon Jovi concert in Nagoya, and after the concert I found out that she lives in Inuyama too, about two blocks from my apartment. We went back to Inuyama together had some dinner at Shirokiya and decided we should do some Bon Jovi karaoke soon. And today, we did!

Last week I’d gone to some karaoke place in Komaki with Maiko, which was really good, but Kumiko knew a better one around the corner: Shidax. And it was totally awesome! First of all it was really cheap, we karaoke-ed for about 5 hours with unlimited drinks and it only costs us ¥1,700 each! And their karaoke machines were the best I’ve encountered thus far, with English options, colorful displays and loads of Bon Jovi songs.

Our mission for the day: sing all the Bon Jovi songs in the machine. There were more than 60 different Bon Jovi songs in that machine (they also had another brand machine in other rooms with more than 120 Bon Jovi songs, but that’s for another time), and we sang all of them. In the beginning we picked some of our favorites, but soon we actually started singing them A to Z. But in the end, we were running out of time, so in the last hour we could only sing one chorus and one verse of each ‘leftover’ song. Which means we’ll have to go back to do it right. And we’re going back, next month. Only this time we’ll arrive at 11:00 (when Shidax opens) and we’ll have 9 hours (the ¥1,700 deal ends at 20:00) to try and sing all Bon Jovi songs in that machine properly.

When you’re reading this you’ll probably think that we are crazy and when you see the list of songs we sang below, it will just confirm that thought… Well, maybe we are! All, I can tell you that karaoke is beyond awesome and enormously addicting! I had so much fun and it provided me with so much euphoric energy, that I can’t wait to return to Shidax and start our Bon Jovi karaoke marathon! And I hope some day there will be a machine that’ll literally have all Bon Jovi songs in there, but then we might have to camp out in a karaoke room, because that might take a couple of days. And of course we stopped at a Purikura booth before we headed home ;).

  1. Complicated
  2. You Give Love A Bad Name
  3. Have A Nice Day
  4. Livin’ On A Prayer
  5. I Am
  6. Undivided
  7. We’ve Got It Goin’ On
  8. Damned
  9. If That’s What It Takes
  10. The Distance
  11. All I Want Is Everything
  12. Always
  13. Bad Medicine
  14. Bed Of Roses
  15. Bells Of Freedom
  16. Bitter Wine
  17. Blaze Of Glory
  18. Born To Be My Baby
  19. Bounce
  20. Diamond Ring
  21. Dirty Little Secret
  22. Everyday
  23. Hearts Breaking Even
  24. Hey God
  25. I’d Die For You
  26. I’ll Be There For You
  27. Sleep When I’m Dead
  28. In And Out Of Love
  29. In These Arms
  30. (It’s Hard) Letting You Go
  31. It’s My Life
  32. I Want To Be Loved
  33. Just Older
  34. Keep The Faith
  35. Last Cigarette
  36. Last Man Standing
  37. Lay Your Hands On Me
  38. Lie To Me
  39. Living In Sin
  40. Lost Highway
  41. Miracle
  42. My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
  43. Never Say Goodbye
  44. Next 100 Years
  45. Novocaine
  46. One Wild Night
  47. Real Life
  48. Runaway
  49. She Don’t Know Me
  50. Someday I’ll Be Saturdaynight
  51. Something For The Pain
  52. Something To Believe In
  53. Story Of My Life
  54. Thank You For Loving Me
  55. These Days
  56. These Open Arms
  57. This Ain’t A Love Song
  58. Tokyo Road
  59. Unbreakable
  60. Wanted Dead Or Alive
  61. We’ve Got It Goin’ On (one more time)
  62. Who Says You Can’t Go Home
  63. Wild In The Streets
  64. Want To Make A Memory
  65. You Give Love A Bad Name (one more time)
  66. Complicated (one more time)

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5 thoughts on “Bon Jovi karaoke

  1. Hoezo gestoord??????? Ach, als je maar lol hebt en dat heb je duidelijk! Veel plezier bij de marathon! Hopelijk heb je een flink uithoudingsvermogen..;-))Vette dikke kussen XXXXX je moemie.


  2. I like Kumiko already!!;) BJ fans rule! And of course We’ve Got It Goin’ On and Complicated ‘one more time’!!!I am starting to get curious about all this real Karaoke and Purikura stuff, it really looks like so much fun! I miss you!


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