Help me choose which Jon Bon Jovi!

Every month of the 2008 tour, the fanclub is choosing the best concert picture taken during concerts held in that month, and the winner gets their winning picture framed and signed by Jon Bon Jovi. Even though I couldn’t take pictures like I had hoped during the Japanese tour, I’d still like to submit a picture to that photo contest.. I mean the competition for Japanese concerts can’t be that stiff, except of course for those German girls with huge zoom lenses… And probably people are allowed to take pictures in Australia and New Zealand (these concerts are also in January), so people will probably be sending in loads of cool photos from those shows. But hey if you don’t try at all, you’ll certainly lose, right? I just can’t decide which picture I like best. The one the top left is Jon and his ‘mini-me’ and his mini-jukebox in Nagoya, and the one on the bottom right shows Jon on the big screen during ‘Raise Your Hands’ and someone’s raised hand in Tokyo. So any feedback will be very much appreciated! Please let me know which you like better, the mini-me picture or the raised hand picture.

8 thoughts on “Help me choose which Jon Bon Jovi!

  1. I like the mini-me myself because you can see Jon better, but i think the other one stands a better chance because it almost seems kinda artsy and it’s a classic “Raise Your Hands” shot-Good Luck!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics and the stories about our guy!


  2. Hey, Lou-chan,How are ya doing?? It’s Riechan!You got a bunch of nice pix of JON!and I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!! Both of these pix has its real meaning of the song and it’s hard to decide! Send them both !


  3. To even the score;) (and to make it a lot more difficult), the raise hand picture.Although it took me some time to decide and it is only a picture of the screen. The hand portrays very well what’s going on and Tico is also in this second picture:).Denk aan je!Minkeps het moet een foto van Jon zijn zeker (want die van David en band vind ik helemaal te gek)?


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