Bon Jovi in Tokyo ~ Tokyo Dome (January 13, 2008)

Tonight holds the record for the least amount of pictures I have ever taken at a Bon Jovi show, the show in Nagoya was the first record holder, but tonight totally shattered Nagoya’s record! The amount of security angrily (at least that is how their faces looked) scanning the crowd was triple the amount in Nagoya, and I could see a security guy’s face every which way I looked, which meant they could also see mine and therefore also see my camera if I held it in front of my face. So that was quite frustrating!!

Already frustrated ;)

After initially giving up on taking pictures, I spotted two German girls (they had flags that’s how I knew) blatantly taking pictures with a huge zoom right next to a security guard! I wondered if they were some kind of VIPs, but they seemed to have the same thing around their necks as yours truly: just a fanclub membership card. I was fascinated by them and my desire to take pictures flared up again! But I was too scared to be kicked out, so I only took very few really crappy pictures (as you can see displayed in this review).
So right after the show ended (unfortunately just after their bow yet again), I hurried over to the German girls and asked them how they managed to take pictures all night without being escorted out. And they told me they were confronted by about 4 to 5 security fanatics at once and they just explained about the contest (they brought a printout) and showed their fanclub membership card, which admittedly does look pretty impressive this year. I’m not sure how hard they had to fight the security, but what is important is that they won! Ow, I love European stubbornness! And these sweet girls actually gave me their printout, so tomorrow it’s picture time at Tokyo Dome for Lou!

Jon abruptly moving from left to right repeatedly just before ‘Shout’
So before I discovered the Germans, I was only thinking about how on earth I was going to take some pictures and it was way too distracting, so I decided to just enjoy the show and forget about taking pictures. And that was a new experience in itself, I feel I paid way more attention to the band tonight and I especially enjoyed the lyrics and the emotions that come with it like in ‘It’s My Life’ and ‘Have A Nice Day’. I’ve never enjoyed them as much as I did today, and even though I have no voice I sang (or produced some kind of hoarse sound) at the top of my lungs again. And they made me really emotional, and during Richie’s These Days I even felt two tears rolling down my face! He sings it so differently and sooooooo beautifully! I filmed it in Nagoya (where it was awesome too, but I enjoyed it less because of the filming) and I’m going to share it with you here now (even though the sound quality is kind of crappy) because you just have to hear how awe-inspiring it is when Richie sings ‘These Days’:

Richie singing ‘These Days’ in Nagoya (NOT Tokyo, even though this is a Tokyo review)

At the fanclub-ticket-pick-up-place I found out that the show today was going to start even more insanely early than in it did in Nagoya: at 17:00! By that time many gates still need to be opened at European concerts! And it was all over not long after 19:00… Unimaginable, but it’s true! Also, the stage was a little bit more donned up today, but still it was pretty boring. They added part of the stage they had in Canada, but honestly I didn’t do much for me. No blow-up dolls, no fake circus, no huge arms, no elevator, no huge satellite discs, no huge walls of colorful lights, no nothing! And yet again no onstage/sidestage fanpits!

Picture taken after the show, while we are all patiently waiting to leave the Dome
My seat today was slightly worse than Friday but still good. I was not in the middle front section but in the one next to it on the left and two rows further down. So that would be about 10 rows from Jon. I was seated right behind two rows of VIPs, the two rows that actually stayed empty in Nagoya (and I mean the entire concert, two completely empty rows in a front section), I guess there aren’t any important people in Nagoya… Initially I didn’t feel happy about sitting behind a bunch of important people that are just there to put in a appearance and don’t really care about the band and basically just stare at the stage the entire show. But as it turned out the VIPs were really a source of joy for me. They were mostly older Japanese men, and even though they couldn’t sing the lyrics, they were going at it for sure! Shaking their bodies, arms in the air waving on the beat (after enjoying it so much during Raise Your Hands it seemed like they couldn’t stop it), quickly learning the chorus lyrics and excitedly singing along near the end of the show! Go VIPs go! These important people had a great night and actually seemed to thoroughly enjoy every second of the show! As did the entire audience by they way compared to the Nagoyan audience anyway, they’re still no Europeans though ;). I especially love it when the whole crowd sings ‘Livin On A Prayer’ (when Jon shuts up so you can hear the audience) and you can actually hear their Japanese accent super clearly! It’s just so cute.

So I observed a lot more tonight than usual and these were my findings: instead of back rubbing with the violinist during ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’, Richie was actually ass rubbing with her tonight. And they weren’t very subtle and their asses were even doing a little dance together, and when they were done Richie looked mighty proud of himself. After a small solo on the side stage, apparently he needed to get back to his spot quickly to play with his ‘foot-machine’ and he actually ran back, which looked kind of funny. He also tried to throw a guitar pick into the audience on his right and missed (it kind of flew backwards)! So he tried again and kind of succeeded, it didn’t go far.
Jon told us he was in kind of those moods today and that he didn’t feel fit to lead Bon Jovi anywhere tonight, as he tried to introduce his fellow band members and totally forgot about Tico and Hugh. Then Jon, Hugh and Bobby Bandiera tried to simultaneously move their instrument’s necks to the songs beat, two times it looked kind of impressive but after that they failed horribly and decided to laugh at themselves instead. And according to Jon this was the band 80th show in Japan, and then he dedicated ‘I Love This Town’ to Tokyo.

Bye bye Bon Jovi, see you tomorrow!
‘Any Other Day’ is my favorite song of the album and I was so happy they played it tonight that I tried my very best to take a sneaky movie of it. But I basically failed, in the beginning of my very short movie you can see Jon on the screen singing that awesome show, and the rest of it I’m basically trying to show you the beauty of the Tokyo Dome ceiling. I was trying to hide my filming too much and had no clue my lens was pointing up instead of to the stage :o… Well, at least you can hear part of the song, although the sound isn’t that good, but it was still part of this awesome show in Tokyo! So here you go:

‘Any Other Day’ and the Tokyo Dome ceiling

Also filmed a short part of ‘We’ve Got It Goin’ On’ because it’s so impressive live, but I lost my guts again and turned the camera off way too quickly:

Blink and you miss it, short movie of ‘We’ve Got It Goin’ On’

01. Lost Highway 02. You Give Love A Bad Name 03. Raise Your Hands 04. Runaway 05. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight 06. This Is The Story Of My Life 07. In These Arms 08. Make A Memory 09. Whole Lot Of Leavin’ 10. Born To Be My Baby 11. Any Other Day 12. We’ve Got It Goin’ On 13. It’s My Life 14. Bad Medicine / Shout 15. These Days (Richie) 16. Keep The Faith 17. Sleep When I’m Dead 18. Who Says You Can’t Go Home 19. Livin’ On A Prayer 20. Have A Nice Day 21. Wanted Dead Or Alive 22. I Love This Town 23. Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars

6 thoughts on “Bon Jovi in Tokyo ~ Tokyo Dome (January 13, 2008)

  1. Schattie!! Het ziet er allemaal zo onwerkelijk mooi uit! Helemaal gaaf dat ze Any other day ook speelden echt!! Ben nadat we bij Minke waren geweest, toch de cd wat aandachtiger gaan beluisteren, en ik snap jullie keuze van dat nummer erg goed!Maar ook Runawayyyy echt,zou totally geflipt hebben als ik naast je had gestaan! Je weet vast nog wel een beetje hoe dat gaat bij mij haha!!En probeer je niet al te druk te maken over het kleine aantal foto’s, snap dat het erg wennen moet zijn om van hardcore picturemaker nu genoegen te moeten nemen met zoveel minder..maar blijf er ondanks dat met volle teugen van genieten! Which I bet you will ofcourse!! It looks awsome eeeecht!!Big hug x Neg


  2. I guess I know the german girls,the one just told me 6 Security`s tried to stop her making pics,but no chance ;))Thanks for the review


  3. thanks for the review,one of the German girls is my friend,talked to her and she said 6 security`s tried to stop her making pics LOL and it didnt work she also said the show was great


  4. hey!i came from BJ board.last night show was awesome!i was there and i go todays show also.about photo contest.yesterday my friends ask to UDO about it,but they said still no info from BJ management, they’ll ask to mat,but if they’ll do the camera check when we enter the tokyo dome, the answer is NO!…, maybe today is same as’s stuppid ne!sorry my bad english.enjoy todays show!!!cya.


  5. Oh myyy….Richie is the best! You know one of my favorite songs is These Days but this makes it even better, Richie singing it, so much more feeling into it. Again…goosebumps! TOP! Ben heel benieuwd naar je ervaringen van vandaag! Looking forward to it!;) Dikke kus, Minke


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