Busy day at the Loulogue due to Bon Jovi

A small number of people read my blog and most of them I know personally, so usually the number of daily visitors to my site is very low and way below 100. Then I checked my blog stats again today and found this:

What happened? Bon Jovi of course. A girl from the fanclub discovered my concert review from Nagoya and posted it on the fanclub forum. So lots of Bon Jovi fans have been coming in today to check out my ‘illegal’ pictures. Well, welcome everybody! And from the fanclub forum I can read they’ve all enjoyed it, so I’m glad that my blogging makes so many fellow Bon Jovi fanatics happy.
I’m off to Tokyo early tomorrow morning to attend the two Tokyo Dome shows, and I’m definitely going to try to sneak shoot many more pictures. The official fanclub actually kicked off with a ‘Lost Highway Tour Picture Contest’ and is asking us to submit our best concert pictures and it’s started with the show in Nagoya. So the band doesn’t have a problem with us taking pictures (they never had in Europe either ), it’s the just Japanese security that is making the life of this picture-loving-fan harder.
Maybe Jon could start tomorrow’s show with announcing (clearly and preferably in Japanese) that he welcomes all picture taking during the show, so that all the Japanese security will back off when I put my camera in the air. That way I can give the picture contest a try myself, because I’d love to win a ‘Jon Bon Jovi engraved iPod Nano’!
Besides that I just hope to end up with many fun pictures to put on my blog to share with my Bon Jovi friends at home, and anyone else in cyberspace who’s craving another Bon Jovi fix.

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