You’ve been upgraded to Business, is that going to be problem?

“Miss, you’ve been upgraded to Business Class” is what the French stewardess in Paris tells me when I give her my boarding pass to Osaka at the gate. A bit gob smacked I look at Yasu, who’s standing behind me. The stewardess notices this and asks me if we are traveling together, when I tell her we are she says: “Well, you’ve been upgraded to Business, but he has not. Is that going to be a problem?” Well, of course!! We’re about to board a plane which will keep us in the air for about 12 hours, and it will certainly be a problem if I sit in Business and Yasu is stuck alone in Economy. So I politely answer “Yes” to her question and she presents me with the following option: “You can fly alone in Business, or you can fly together in Economy”.
The morning before departure Yasu and I got up early to check-in online and reserve seats. The plane had a 3-3-3 cabin plan, meaning that each Economy row had 3 seats at each window and in the middle, except for the back row which was 2-3-2. And the two seats next to the left window were still available so we took them, this way we could enjoy the view, feel less claustrophobic, and have more privacy without a stranger sitting next to us. We were happy with our seats, because we tried to get these on the KLM flight but we had to pay €100 extra for those highly preferred seats, but on the Air France website they were for free.
Of course I told the stewardess that I wanted to fly together in Economy and she tore up my Business Class boarding pass with seat 6E :(, while I pondered out loud why this never happens when I’m traveling alone. I told the stewardess about the seats we reserved and she said she would try to get them back and made us wait at the check-in gate. While we were waiting we saw her randomly upgrade some other passengers (they had overbooked Economy for this flight) and we wondered why she just hadn’t upgraded Yasu too.
After a while she told us we lost our seats because when they upgraded me they gave away my seat to someone else, assuming I would never decline a Business Class seat. I never asked to be upgraded and then downgraded again and then lose our reserved seats. I demanded our old boarding passes back (which she was about to tear up like my Business Class boarding pass) so I could use them to file a formal complaint, she didn’t like it but yet she didn’t seem compelled to do something more about the seat issue and she made us go to the plane.
I don’t give up easily so as soon as we got on the plane, I started complaining to the welcoming steward and stewardess at the plane entrance and they told us to tell the purser in the back of the plane. Luckily he did seem sympathetic to our problem and made the passengers in our reserved seats move to the seats we didn’t want. The whole ordeal took a lot of moving, arranging and explaining and the plane’s departure was delayed for 20 minutes, but we got our reserved seats all the way in the back of the plane.

Sitting next to my boyfriend for 12 hours in Economy is worth way more than sitting alone in Business for 12 hours, anyway! But the next time they upgrade me I sure hope it’s for such a long-ass flight again and that I won’t have to say no!

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