Oliebollen and fireworks

On the last day of the year we like to make ‘oliebollen’ (kind of like donuts without a hole), which we intend to eat while we wait for midnight. And of course the leftovers will be finished somewhere in the beginning of the new year. Being such a typical New Year’s Eve treat you can get readymade oliebollen everywhere on the 31st of December, but my mom always makes her own and they are way better than the ones you can buy on the street. Only this year my mom had to work on the last day of the year, so she didn’t have enough time for the whole process of making the oliebollen, so I volunteered to help her. Which is only fair because I kind of pressure her into making them year after year after year.

  1. Take the easy-way out and buy oliebollen-mix (which are bound to be on sale on December 31st and easy to find in any supermarket) and empty the package in a big bowl:

  2. Add water and beer (don’t worry you won’t taste it or get drunk from it) to the bowl and use an electronic mixer to mix it all up:

  3. Add an extra ingredient if you wish, like sliced apple or raisins, or pear like in my example and mix it all up some more with the electronic mixer:

  4. After you’ve let the mix rise (for a long while) in a warm room or above a heater, give it all back to your mother because she’s back from work and knows what to do best. She’s puts blobs of your mix in a pan with very hot sunflower oil (at least that’s what I think it is) and waits for the swimming blobs become brown before she fishes them out again:

  5. Put the oliebollen on some kitchenpaper (to get rid of some of the fat) and add a large amount of powdered sugar while the oliebollen are still warm (so the sugar can melt into them):

Of course we made too many oliebollen, because we had a lot of guests for New Year’s Eve and we wanted to make sure we had enough. But I think Yasu didn’t really like them, and I got sick that evening (not from the oliebollen) so we didn’t really eat many, and two of the other guests brought their own homemade oliebollen, which they preferred over my mom’s. Anyway the oliebollen were delicious, and I regret not eating more of them, perhaps next year! Of course there was other food besides oliebollen, Guido and Yasu had been cooking the whole afternoon to make this pretty cold buffet:

After all the food was prepared and eaten (or being eaten) we had a lot of time left to kill until midnight, so Gy and his friends decided to teach Yasu and me how to play poker. And maybe it was beginner’s luck, but by the end of the evening all the chips were mine and all the others were out of the game. Too bad we didn’t play for money!

And then it’s midnight and a new year starts, so it’s time to light up the neighborhood! Some cities and countries have professional fireworks shows, but in the Netherlands we like to do it ourselves. Sure our amateuristic fireworks don’t look as good, but it’s so much more fun when you (carefully) do it yourself, and the whole neighborhood sounds like a war zone.

Here’s a short movie to give you an impression of New Year’s night fireworks in the neighborhood:

Happy 2008!!!

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One thought on “Oliebollen and fireworks

  1. Gaaf filmpje! Leuk om oud op nieuw nog ff te herbeleven… de hele straat stond in de fik!Oliebollen… die zijn altijd erg lekker, net zoals die van de kermis.Wie weet als je weer ff terug bent, ff kermisje afschuimen, oliebolletjes snoepen!Dikke vette kussen,XXXXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.


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