Celebrating Christmas at home

When we came home we found the house decorated for Christmas and loads of presents near the Christmas tree. Normally we put them under the tree, but the amount of presents would make it too hard to clean the living room floor. So this year all the presents were gathered on top of the cabinet, and after Yasu and I arrived at the house even more presents were added to this bunch.

The day of Christmas Eve we went for some last minute groceries at my favorite Dutch grocery store Albert Heijn. Outside the store there was a little market stall where two employees were handing out free Dutch winterfood. Yasu tried a ‘broodje rookworst’ (breadroll with smoked sausage) and a cup of ‘erwtensoep’ (pea soup) and he especially liked the rookworst, and not just because it was free.

The free-food-giving-guy lent Yasu his Christmas hat

Our first Christmas Day (in the Netherlands we celebrate an official second Christmas Day on the 26th) started with a big brunch with all kinds of Dutch foods and breadtoppings, which I hadn’t seen and tasted for quite some time. So that was a nice breakfast feast!

In between the brunch and dinner it was present time! We had a lot of presents to give and receive so it took us a long time to open everything.

Here you are!

Oh, wow, what a beautiful present!

Yasu also brought presents which made my parents very happy!

Yasu gave Gy this vest which says supererotic in Japanese katakana, and Gy loves it!

In between all the present giving the parents prepared a scrumptious Christmas dinner. My mother prepared a delicious turkey, which was especially requested all the way from Japan. Gui made a tasty salad and a cheese fondue, which was too cheesy for me but the others really enjoyed it. Desert was a chocolate fondue (which was too chocolatety for me) and a yummy icecream cake.

The chef cooks

The table setting by my mother

Turkey covered in plastic and a red bow

Stuffed turkey covered in bacon and vegetables

Cooked turkey ready to be carved and served (by me) at the Christmas dinner table

On second Christmas Day we were joined by the rest of the family, meaning Guido’s kids and his parents. First we had another big round of opening presents with coffee and Christmas cookies, and then we took a bus to the restaurant Gyano works at. Gy was working that day and he wanted to be part of the Christmas celebration too, so we decided to have dinner at his restaurant while he served us.

Jurre, Yasu, Guido, Moem, Oma & Opa (Gui’s parents), Myra and Casper waiting for the bus

Dinner at the Campanile

So, this year’s Christmas revolved around food and presents and spending time with eachother. So basically the same as every other year, except this time my Japanese boyfriend was here too! So the party was complete :).

More pictures


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