Coming home

The flight home was surprisingly comfortable! KLM, the Dutch airline, provided us with a decent amount of room to sit, the food was not bad, the snacks were enjoyable, but most importantly the entertainment system was so entertaining that it would have been ok with me if we stayed in the air for a couple of more hours. And I hate flying, well for longer than 6 hours. But after the 12-hour-flight home on a KLM plane, I’m not dreading the flight back to Japan anymore. Although, we’re flying back on Air France with a pitstop in Paris, because the direct KLM flight was fully booked. But I’m hoping the flight will be of a similar quality as the KLM flight, as Air France is KLM’s partner.

Amsterdam in Japanese katakana

Already in Dutch airspace

When we arrived at Schiphol Airport we were greeted by my friend Negin at luggage claim. She works at the airport and therefore she has access to places at the airport were normal people can’t come without flying around the world first. She welcomed us with a loud cheer, a wild bump after a running through the luggage hall and a huge flower. When we got our suitcases of the rail we went into the arrivals hall and met everybody who was waiting for us there. Of course my parents were there with a ‘Welcome Home Louana and Yasu’ sign, Gyano was there with a ‘Okaeri Nasai’ (welcome in Japanese) sign and Minke was there with her new boyfriend Eelco.

Negin, Gyano, Yasu, Eelco, Minke, my mother, Guido

When I saw everyone again it was kind of unreal, probably because I was high on a lack of sleep. I normally fall asleep almost as soon as I sit down in a moving vehicle, but on Sunday I spent almost 2 hours on a train, an hour on a bus and more than 12 hours on a plane, and in total I slept just about 40 minutes. But it was great to see everybody again and have some coffee at Starbucks (my first time at one of the two Dutch Starbucks stores)!

More pictures


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