Happy birthday Yasu!

My sweet boyfriend turned 24 today! I bought his birthday present weeks ago at the Gap inNagoya, and it was really hard waiting for this day to give it to him. But at midnight it was finally officially his birthday and he unwrapped his beautiful new red and grey scarf and loved it! He wore it the whole day today, and hopefully every cold day that this winter throws at us here.
Late in the afternoon we went to Kurayoshi, a teppanyaki restaurant, for a big and delicious birthday dinner with the whole Kotera-clan, and after that we had dessert in the big karaoke room and sung as loud as we could.
In the back from left to right: Masaya (cousin), Motoki (cousin), Yuka (sister), Akihiro (uncle), Hiromasa (brother), Hirohito (father). In the front from left to right: Mayumi (aunt), Shizuko (grandmother), Etsuko (mother, and the only one who became a Kotera through marriage instead of birth) and the birthday-boy Yasu himself.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Yasu!

  1. Jeetje, tis alleen nog maar verjaardagen vieren bij jou! Feestbeest!!Nog twee weekjes……;-)kunnen we meteen Yasu’s verjaardag ffkes dunnetjes overdoen!Dikke vette kussen XXXXX je moemie.


  2. In the last picture ( The Kotera-clan ) I like how my uncle and grandma looks,,, My uncle seems to say “Yes!” in his mind, on the other hand grandma seems to say things like “I’m so sophisticated and beautiful” :) Well, your boyfriend is so happy with your present! Thank you my beautiful, mwah


  3. In the last picture, I like how my uncle and grandma look the most because my uncle looks like saying something like “YES!!” and my grandma “I am a sophisticated and beautiful lady”. Well Kurayoshi is lovely.I’m so sure that your boyfriend is so happy about the present! Thank you my beautiful mwah


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