Happy birthday Megan!

Megan is turning 26 this Friday, so she celebrated her birthday in the Fiftyniners bar in Sakae with about 45 of her friends. It was a small basement bar, so it was a very cramped and hot evening but it was a lot of fun!

Ayano, Asami, Kristin, Megan (the birthday girl), me and Becky

Kristin, Arjen and someone who constantly tried to get into the shot

Just us Inuyama teachers (Megan used to teach here too before she moved to Honbu)

For a reasonable price we could eat and drink as much as we wanted for 2.5 hours, and we sure did, especially the drinking part! But the food was really good and quite Western too.

But the drinks were the best, especially the custom-made ones. After the bartender treated some of us to shots of Megans favorite drink (Baileys, Kahlua and milk) he made me my very own drink. I didn’t really know what I wanted, so he asked for my favorite color and taste, which were of course pink and sweet, and this is what he came up with:

The drink was great, thanks Tomasan! My favorite drinks were the pink champagne and the carbonated red wine, that showed up in several bottles later on. It would have been just fine, if they served that all night! After the party, I was a little bit (or maybe a lot) drunk, but I still managed to get home safely by myself (Kristin stayed out in Nagoya) without getting lost in Nagoya’s subway system! And lucky me, this morning I woke up without any souvenir from last night, totally fresh and lacking a hangover!

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Megan!

  1. Happy birthday Megan! It is much easier to say Happy birthday to someone who I have already met than who I have not, of course. 45 people, that is a lot!Well, Louana good job you got home ( sounds weird ? ) . I love you my beautiful :) Kisses


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