Japan from above

I was going to take the Shinkansen back to Nagoya from Kyoto station, but when we got there I noticed the 131 meter high observation tower across from the station and convinced Yasu to go up there with me.

Although I’m afraid of heights, I love seeing a big city spread out below me especially at night complete with all its beautiful and colorful lights. I can just spend hours looking into the distance and imagining whatever may be going on in the exact spot I’m looking at.

But of course we had to head down some time and at the bottom of the tower there were some funny mirrors to provide us tourists with some more entertainment. It worked :).

After all that excitement we took a quick picture with this lovely Kyoto Tower mascotte, who was very shocked by the flash.

Kyoto station, across the street, is very entertaining on its own too. This 15-story place is laden with long escalators, leading you higher and higher into the outside air. You wouldn’t think much of the station when you’re outside of it, but once you start riding the never-ending number of escalators your opinion quickly changes. I know this picture doesn’t really capture the magic of the station, but be sure to pay it a visit when you’re in Kyoto.

Apparently it’s Japan’s second largest train station building, with Nagoya’s train station building being number 1. That quite surprised me actually, I thought Tokyo would have to house Japan’s largest train station. Anyway a week later we found ourselves observing the largest train station building in Japan and the world (!) from the ‘Sky Promenade’ on top of the new 247 meter Midland Square building in Nagoya. We went there on a whim so we didn’t have a camera with us, except our cellphones of course and this is the best picture I could take of the train station’s twin towers.

Walking the Sky Promenade is quite an experience! It starts with the elevator ride up… the elevators are on the outside of the building and they’re made of glass! Didn’t realize it until it was too late! Extremely scary but extremely beautiful too! The promenade itself is partially open to the elements so that you can enjoy the sounds, smells and sensations of being that high in Nagoya. Also the glass walls reach until under the walkway, which gives you that ‘wonderful’ feeling of walking on nothing at about 240 meters up in the air… great! Yes, I was scared but also awed by the beautiful view of Nagoya by night.


2 thoughts on “Japan from above

  1. Hahahaaa, zit hier echt hardop te lachen en kan weer niet ophouden te glimlachen bij de grappige vertelling van jou over al die ‘hoogten’, ik kan me er alles bij voorstellen en al helemaal met jou erbij. Gaaf dat je het gedaan hebt!!! De rest (van lang geleden ja, rond kaartjes tijd) lees ik volgende week;)! Nu eerst in Florence een heerlijk ijsje gaan halen! Tof hier! San Gimigliano vandaag bezocht. Kus Minke


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