Calling home

Even though I live in Japan, that doesn’t mean I don’t keep in frequent contact with the homebase, of course I do. These days, we’re very lucky that we have Internet at our disposal and we thankfully use that to keep in touch. My sweet mother has a day off on Thursdays so we use that day to talk to elaborately talk to eachother on the calling function of MSN (Skype doesn’t seem to work for us). Unfortunately, she was a bit busy yesterday so my brother and stepfather took over the reins and entertained me instead. And this is what they look like when they’re doing that:

The laptop is on the kitchen table and Gyano is wearing the headset, but Guido is ‘communicating’ into the microphone part of the headset. Or in other words, he’s nearly making me jump of my chair in Japan by yelling boo into the mic! Some things never change, not even when you move to the other side of the world :).

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