Minami-Awaji Royal Hotel

Finally after a long day of driving an sightseeing we arrived at our hotel on the south (minami) of Awaji island. Yasu booked us two nights with meals in this fancy island resort. He got a cheaper deal through his father’s insurance, but only people insured there could take advantage of it, and neither Yasu or myself are insured with his father, so he booked the reservation under his brother and sister’s names. During check-in I made sure I was conveniently occupied in the restroom, so they wouldn’t discover the weird white woman who doesn’t speak a word of Japanese posing as a Japanese woman. We are such criminals…

Our room was absolutely awesome! It was more than three times the size of apartment, had carpet nice and soft carpet, beds with real mattresses, a comfortable bathroom, a desk with chair, two couches, a coffee table with two chairs, a fridge, a lot of closet space, a bedside table etc. All this furniture and still more than enough room to dance the tango (not that you’d ever find me doing that in any room). The only thing missing was a small kitchen, and mine is so tiny that it could have fit in any corner of that hotel room, twice. I only wish I had such a room to live in Inuyama!

We arrived when it was dark, so we were wondering what the view would be from our huge and clean balcony (as opposed to my small and very dirty one in Inuyama). We knew we’d be able to see the Naruto Strait and Shikoku island, but at night it was just a black pit with some lights here and there. Early next morning we woke to this breathtaking view:

For dinner we could chose Japanese, Chinese or French. Having had more than enough of Asian food since I moved here, I opted for French and Yasu joined me. Yasu was so delighted with the restaurant and the food that we went there again the second night. We were served a 6 or 7 course dinner with an unstoppable supply of delicious bread rolls. I was the happiest about the bread, because it was the first time I’d tasted bread in Japan that tasted European! I’m not a big fan of Japanese bread, so I was happy to finally have some tasty bread. Of course the rest of the meal was flavorsome too, and I even ate some of the sauces ans soup. I don’t like soup and sauces, especially anything with cream, and the cook served all my sauces separately so that I could try it out. Which had the tendency to make my plated food look rather comical, like this foie gras:

Because we returning the next evening, and they only had one set menu, they had to fashion a new menu for the second night. Because I’d been such a picky eater the night before (I also am, ask anybody that has been to dinner with me, I’m always whining about the sauces) the next morning the Maître d’ enquired about my other dislikes so they could make sure I’d be happy with tonight’s menu. We already told him that any sauces didn’t need to be served on the side this time, because they were very stingy with the amount of sauce anyway so I could handle it and it would make the chef’s life a lot easier. Of course this was a great service from the restaurant, but it made me feel like a queen or something, it was too nice and too much, this rude Dutch girl couldn’t handle it very well.Naturally, the second dinner was very good too, and the delicious bread made another appearance, and they served all the food beautifully like the desert below.

Breakfast was served buffet style in a big hall and the food ranged from typical Japanese breakfast food to a Japanized version of western breakfast food, which was ok but not great. But they had plenty of cutup pineapple and oranges, so that and some baked fish as a side dish made for a tasty breakfast. All in all this was a very nice and fancy hotel, and it was a good stay. Good job booking it, Yasu!


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