Halloween costume week

It’s costume week here at AEON because Halloween is just around the corner. The manager got a big bag of hats, wigs and things like that from storage and all the teachers are supposed to don some kind of costume for their kids classes. I didn’t teach any kids today so I was safe (today at least), but Kristin taught her kids (and I think even some adults) looking like this:

Yeah, it was quite hilarious! Tomorrow I’ll have to try something on too, I’m not planning on looking that outrageous though…


5 thoughts on “Halloween costume week

  1. Sorry, mensjes maar heb me eigenlijk nog niet hoeven verkleden omdat ik mijn studenten helemaal niet op Halloween week had geattendeerd, en ze dus allemaal zonder kostuum op kwamen dagen! Ikke blij! Misschien heb ik het wel expres gedaan ;).


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